Here you will find the most common questions and their answers

Unfortunately, the authorities do not yet have the technical ability to receive start-up information electronically. A solution is currently undergoing construction, and electronic transfers will be possible in the future. Until then, documents will have to be printed out and signed as before.

A new user that has registered for the service receives an email with a password and the user name that he/she has given on the registration form. Sometimes the registration message ends up in the spam folder. If you have not received a registration message or you cannot find it in the spam folder, please contact us at tunnustilaus@perustayritys.fi, and we will sort out the situation.

To be able to log on to the service, you must first click on the confirmation link in the registration message to activate your user account. If the link in the registration message is not active, you can copy the address for your browser.

Perustayritys.fi is only a technical service for establishing an enterprise. If you need advice on running a business, contact the nearest enterprise agency (www.uusyrityskeskus.fi).

The bank prints all documents for you: The bank also prints the receipt for payment of the PRH processing fee, and in the case of limited liability companies, the receipt for share capital paid to the company’s account. Sign the original documents and send them to the appropriate authorities, and ask the bank for copies of all the papers for your own records.

The use of this service is free of charge, but the costs of starting a business must always be made, such as, for example, the company’s registration fee to the authorities.

The service’s expenses are covered by the participating service providers, such as banks, insurance companies and other enterprises. Therefore, there is no charge to the business founders.

The service is as reliable as the Finnish banks and insurance companies that offer their services to the system. The service’s content, logic and information technology have been built by many experts in the field to meet exacting quality standards.

Yes. Every company needs a bank account; it is practical to open an account when establishing a business.

Perustayritys.fi service has not shut out any service provider, but there have been negotiations with all of them and ongoing negotiations about joining. All service providers have nevertheless not taken a similar stand regarding the new services, and some have a decision-making process that is longer than others. The number of banks and insurance companies, in any case, is constantly increasing. If your bank or insurance company is not yet participating, you can take advantage now of the participating service providers and establish a business. If you are not satisfied, you can always transfer later to your old bank or insurance company. In many cases, it is good that if company has accounts with at least a couple of banks. The alternative is, of course, that you can also establish company in the traditional way.

The service can prepare the foundation documents for business names and limited liability companies. Because of the rarity and complexity of Ay, Ky (types of partnerships) and co-operatives, they are left for future versions.

No, you cannot. You can be the only owner of a limited liability company but the law requires at least two persons. A common arrangement is that the main shareholder or the person who owns all the shares in the company is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. In addition, the Board of Directors must have one deputy member. This means that if you want to establish a company alone, you need one other person as a deputy member in the Board of Directors. If two people establish a limited liability company together, one of them has to be a deputy member in the Board of Directors, or a third person can be registered as a deputy member. See the minimum compositions here:


The minimum compositions of the Board of Directors are as follows:

1 member + one deputy member = two separate persons

1 chairperson + one deputy member = two separate persons

1 chairperson + one member + one deputy member = three separate persons

1 chairperson + one member + one member = three separate persons