Establish trade name

As you fill the information about your business, the service automatically fills all the establishment documents ready for you. Please notice that although the questions in this system are in English, the documents will be in Finnish.

The bank will provide you with the establishment documents, created based on the information you have entered the service, at the same time when you open your business bank account. At the same go you take care of the registration fees.

Submit all the establishment documents and receipts forward to Finnish Patent and Registration Office, since they will register your company and give the business ID. You can deliver the documents to tax office or Finnish Patent and Registration Office. You can also send them straight to Finnish Patent and Registration Office via mail to address: PRH-Verohallinto, Yritystietojärjestelmä, PL 2000, 00231 Helsinki.

The greatest benefit of the service is the saved time and cost savings. Saved time is significant because you fill all the information for every officer at one sitting. In addition, all the companies that are in the service provides useful and affordable services that will contribute to your company's launch and success.

If you experience any technical problems with the service, contact us via email or by phone +358 44 714 8344