Description of customer register

Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §
Updated: March 29th, 2010

Perustayritys fi Ltd, Kauppiaskatu 9 b A, 20100 Turku, Finland. Tel. 010 2864 000, Fax 010 2864 001,

2.Person responsible for or acting as contact person for the register
Juha-Petteri Rantanen, 010 2864 002, Kauppiaskatu 9 b A, 20100 Turku, Finland. E-mail:

3.Name of register
Customer register of the “Perusta yritys” company establishment service.

4.Purpose of the register: 
1) The delivery of informative messages, customer magazines, brochures, direct marketing, invoicing, and other customer service actions in relation to the company establishment service.
2) The maintenance of the “Perusta yritys” customer register, and the archiving and processing of company registration data submitted and company-related services subscribed to by customers. The information may be used for purposes of developing the online service and for statistical purposes.

5.Content of register: 
1) Basic company information, name of contact person, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, other contact information. Other information submitted or requested by the company or its contact person. Information received by personnel while providing services or performing maintenance. History data of campaigns and informative messages.
2) Personal data, name, address, e-mail address and other information submitted by the contact person. History data of campaigns and informative messages.
3) Register of online service: first and last name of person, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, information on the queries submitted and replied to through the service.

6.Regular sources of information: 
1) Information on the company and its personnel are submitted by the customer him/herself or by an appointee of the customer.
2) Information on the customer is submitted by the person in question or by an appointee of said person.
3) The customer has registered as a customer of the online service.

7. Regular disclosure of information and the transfer of information to locations outside of the EU or the EEC
The purpose of the service is to submit, and thus disclose, the customer’s data to other parties. Information submitted by the customer is disclosed to the registration authorities, any other authorities chosen by the customer, and to service providers whose service has been activated by the customer or to whom the customer has submitted a service request through the online service. Information is not disclosed to any other parties.

8.Principles of register protection:
a) Physical material: archived in a locked cabinet,
b) Electronic information: – SQL database. The register’s administrators have access to the entire register. Access to the database is restricted by way of a user ID and password. Only previously defined people have access to data. All employees of Perustayritys fi Ltd have the right to update customer contact information, as does any person, appointed by the customer, who has access rights to the online service. Register data is only accessed by people who need the data to fulfil their work-related obligations.

9. The registered party’s right to non-disclosure:
The registered party has the right to prohibit the registrar from using any data it has on the registered party for purposes of direct marketing, long-distance sales, marketing and/or opinion surveys, public registers and genealogical research. This prohibition must be submitted in writing and directed at the person responsible for the register.

10. The registered party’s right to verify registered data:
The registered party has the right to verify and receive a transcript of his/her data stored in the register. This verification is free of charge once a year.

11. Correction of information: 
The registrar can, on its own accord or on behest of the registered party, correct, delete or add to registered personal data that, for purposes of its intended use, is erroneous, superfluous, incomplete or outdated. To verify and/or correct information, the registered party shall contact the person responsible for the register.