Benefits and Services

Here you will find useful and affordable services that will contribute to your company's launch and success.

Check out the services, pick the ones that suit you. The system will send the information each service provider needs about your business, so that your time need not be spent re-entering information.

New, convenient services for new businesses are being added all the time. Go ahead and pick the best of the best!


Avisor Laskutusohjelma

Ota käyttöön Avisor-Lite, sähköinen laskutusohjelma.

Tarkoitettu yritysten kokonaisvaltaiseen laskutuksen hoitamiseen niin aloittaville yrittäjille, kuin jo toimiville yrityksille.

Avisorin käyttöönotto on helppoa, etkä tarvitse sen käyttöön mitään kursseja.

Hinta vain 6,95/kk.

h -palvelun avulla hoidat kaikki sopimusten ja muiden dokumenttien allekirjoitukset sähköisesti pankkitunnuksilla tai mobiilivarmenteella. uuden yrityksen palvelupaketti 70 €/ vuosi.


Finnish Company Acquisition Ltd

Get a company quickly for a fast business start and buy additional more business activities and customers for it. We are selling over a hundred businesses, so don't miss this opportunity.


Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company

Pension insurance for the self-employed (YEL) secures your life and that of your family. YEL insurance assists you if you lose your work capacity, fall ill or take parental leave. Each YEL contribution increases your pension and improves your other social security. The contributions are deducted in your personal or company taxation.


Federation of Finnish enterprises

An entrepreneur still needs help after starting a business. That's why the Federation of Finnish Enterprises exists. The Federation of Finnish Enterprises is a service and lobbying organisation for Finnish small and medium-sized enterprise owners. We sweep aside obstacles to your success and provide help right at the moment when you need it.


Veritas Pension Insurance

Veritas is specialized in personal service especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to the statutory YEL and TyEL pension insurances, we also offer you useful advice services, programs for greater welfare at work, employment focused rehabilitation services and finance services.